Lungs are one of the most vital organs of human body. They are the main part of our respiratory system. Our lungs aid the breathing process which is very important to keep a living being alive.

The major function of lungs is to absorb oxygen from inhaled air and release carbon dioxide with the exhaled air. When we inhale air, it reaches lungs. In lungs, there are tiny bodies called alveoli. These are surrounded by blood vessels. When air enters these alveoli, the oxygen of air diffuses into blood and carbon dioxide from blood diffuses into the air, contained in alveoli. Then this air is exhaled. This is the entire process of respiration.

Our body gets oxygen through this process, which is further used various metabolic processes that generate energy.

Therefore, lungs are very important part of our body and even a small issue with the lung can cause issues in the daily functioning of the body. So, it is important to take good care of the lungs. A lung can have issues like Asthma, Wheezing and Lung Cancer which can prove fatal if not treated at the correct time.

So, it is important to notice the changes happening in the body and look for symptoms which may be an impending issue with the lungs. The symptoms that people to look for are

  • A persistent cough which lasts for a longer time and does not go away even after taking medicines is a warning sign that something is very wrong with the lungs and seeking a medical professional’s help is advisable.

  • Shortness of breath occurs when a person does heavy work but if it happens when the person is not doing anything then it is a symptom of something big.

  • Wheezing refers to the noise which accompanies while breathing and it is due to something blocking the airway and making it narrow.

  • Coughing blood is a serious sign that the lung has a bad problem and most times it is a sign of cancer which proves to be fatal to the life of a person.

  • Chest pains are sometimes not serious and may be due to gas accumulation but chronic pains in the chest area which doesn’t go away after some time is a sign of a problem with the lungs.

If a person observes any of the above signs then it is advised that he/she see the doctor as early as possible and seek the necessary medical help as soon as possible. The problem may not be much severe in initial phases. But if it is not taken care at the right time, then it may turn out to be a serious issue.

A slight infection in lungs can be easily detected and cured by medicines. Even a lung cancer, if diagnosed in initial phase can be easily cured. All you need is to be aware of your health and take required steps at right time.

Hope, this information is helpful for you and inspires you to take good care of yourself. Wish you a healthy life. 

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