There are so many important things that a woman should know about breast cancer. Be aware of how your breast normally feels and look is an essential way to keep up with the health of your breast.

Finding breast cancer in the very early stage can offer you the better opportunity of treating this problem successfully.

Here in this guide, we have mentioned some signs and symptoms that you should be aware of to find out the breast health and detect the chances of breast cancer.


Symptoms of Breast cancer:

  • Swelling in/around armpit, collarbone or breast:

Inflammatory breast cancer can be the main cause of breast/collarbone or armpit swelling. Lumps or swelling around armpits/collarbone can be the sign of breast cancer that may have spread to lymph nodes.  

If you have observed this kind of sign, be sure to see a doctor. You can also avail the facility of free online doctor consultation India.


  • Lump in the breast:

A mass/lump in the breast is very common sign that can be helpful in analyzing the changes in breast look. These kinds of lumps are painless and hard often but sometimes they may be painful.

It is not necessary that all lumps in breasts are cancer sign some benign breast conditions can be the main cause of breast mass or lump.
But it is always recommended to ask a doctor or consult a doctor.


  • Redness and skin thickening:

If your breast skin starts getting red then you should consult with a doctor. Sometimes these signs indicate the breast infection, mastitis, and some other problems. You should consult with a doctor in order to get treatment for the infection.

If this problem of breast infection does not cure within a week, get checked it again as these signs indicate the chances of inflammatory breast cancer.

This type of cancer can grow quickly so better get it checked and treated on time. Breast skin redness, thickening, itching, and warmth may be the common signs of inflammatory breast cancer.  If it is not treated with an antibiotic, ask a doctor for further assistance.

  • Nipple Changes/Discharge:

Changes to the looks of nipples can be the sign of breast cancer. If you see scaly, red, thick nipple that turns inward, get it checked. Nipple discharge apart from milk can be the warning sign.

Sometimes this discharge can be the cause of some infection or injury but there are chances of breast cancer as well. If you see nipple discharge or bloody fluid is coming out of your nipple, then you should consult with a doctor.

  • Pain:

Breast pain is quite common and it can be felt by a woman during the menstrual cycle. But if you feel persists or severe breast pain that is not associated with the menstrual cycle, then it is the time to consult with a doctor.

It may be the sign of a benign or cancer condition that needs to be diagnosed and treated on time.

These are some symptoms that you should be aware of.

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