If you want to take a step in preventing stroke, then you should be aware of the signs and symptoms of it. You should know all about this condition that is known as stroke. It is generally defined by the situation when blood flow to the brain (an area of the brain) cuts off.This is also known as a brain attack. In this condition, the brain cells deprived of the glucose and oxygen that are required to survive. If you do not identify or diagnose the condition at an early stage, it can cause death or permanent brain damage.

There are two types of stroke including Ischemic and Hemorrhagic stroke.

1. Ischemic stroke

Ischemic stroke is somehow like heart attack except it generally occurs in brain’s blood vessels. The clot can be formed in these vessels and block the flow of blood to brain cells. 
The risk factors for this kind of stroke may include high BP, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, inadequate physical activities, poor diet and much more.


2. Hemorrhagic stroke

A hemorrhagic stroke generally occurs when brain’s blood vessel ruptures or breaks. It can cause blood sipping in brain tissue that may lead to damage to cells of the brain. There may be the many causes of this stroke including brain aneurysms and high blood pressure.

The risk factors for this sort of stroke include smoking, high BP, bleeding disorder, previous head or brain injury and much more.


Sign & Symptoms

The main sign and symptoms of stroke generally appear suddenly. The patient may feel sick initially and look unwell and pale. Some people also complain a dizziness or a sudden headache. They may have a vision problem, difficulty in swallowing, concentration or memory problem, and sudden fall, unsteadiness, difficulty in keeping their balance while moving, sudden numbness, paralysis, weakness and much more. 

Some symptoms of stroke also include weakness in the leg, arm, face muscles and much more. The patient may face coordination and speaking problem.

Middle age and young people may have strokes and the risk of having a stroke can increase with growing age. Men are more prone to stroke as compared to women. If you want to reduce the risk of stroke then you need to ask a doctor or consult a doctor.

There may be so many risk factors like family history, gender, and age that cannot be changed but some can be addressed with medicines or lifestyle changes. Some medicine and professional advice can help prevent stroke.

There are so many ways that play a very important role in treating risk factor. You should visit the doctor on regular basis for suitable medicines and BP checks.

You can consult your doctor as he/she recommend some medicines or lifestyle changes to lower the level of cholesterol. If you have diabetes problem, you need to control it.


Prevention of the stroke

You need to stop smoking, take healthy and balanced diet, lose weight, get enough physical activity and reduce your weight in order to get good results. Prevention is always better than cure so go for it and lead a happy and healthy life.

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