People need the energy to go do any kind of work and this energy is obtained from the glucose present in the blood. But, the glucose level in blood should be within the permissible range. The condition in which human body retains higher glucose levels in the blood is called Diabetes.

Diabetes is further classified into two types based on the factor responsible for the increase in blood glucose level. There are various factors due to which glucose level in blood increases. There could be various reasons for it such as

  1. The inability of the liver to produce the hormone called insulin which is responsible for regulating the sugar levels in the blood. When blood glucose levels increase due to this reason it is known as the Type 1 Diabetes.

  2. The insulin produced is not absorbed properly by the body due to faulty cells. When blood glucose levels increase due to this reason it is known as the Type 2 Diabetes.

There are different symptoms that can serve as red flags to identify the disease

  • The recurrent urination on a day.

  • Feeling hungry frequently.

  • Feeling thirsty without any reason.

When such symptoms occur it is advised to go for a blood test which will confirm if the person has diabetes or not. Diabetes is not a fatal disease but when left untreated can prove harmful to a person and hence, it has to be taken care of. It is possible to control or manage Diabetes.

If the blood sugar increases it can cause problems in the body like

  • Kidney problems due to failing of filters

  • Heart issues caused by structural changes in the heart

  • Weakening of vision due to the changes in retinal blood vessels

  • Numbness in legs and hands due to low circulation of blood

  • Reduced immunity leading to infections in the body

  • Sluggish or no healing of wounds causing pain and infection

Though Diabetes cannot be cured completely, it can be managed well by proper diet and take proper medication. It is also well controlled by lifestyle changes like including exercise in the daily life. Let us look at these Diabetes managing tips in detail:

  1. Controlling diet - It is a fact that glucose level in our blood increases as soon as we eat something. It is because the food undergoes metabolization and produces energy packets called glucose. So if a person is suffering from Diabetes, then he/she should consume a very low-calorie food.

  2. Eating fruits or vegetables that help in lowering glucose levels in the blood can also help in a great way. One such vegetable is a bitter gourd. A glass of bitter gourd juice every morning really helps to eliminate extra sugar in the blood.

  3. Regular exercise - Doing cardio-vascular workout is the best way to burn extra calories.  

  4. Never miss on medications - It really very important to keep an extra care of daily medicine routine. One should not miss out even a single dose of medication as it may lead serious consequences.

So just by eating well and doing regular workout one can successfully manage his/her diabetes.

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