25% discount on Heart consultation at Hridyam


  1. Heart care consultation.
  2. Blood Pressure, Hypertension treatment.
  3. ECG
  4. TMT
  5. 2D ECHO


  1. Preventive Cardiology( package)
    Those who are hypertensive, diabetics, taking tobacco in any form, must consult our clinic for education, healthy heart checkup.
    Those who have crossed their 40 years of age, must visit our cardiologist to look out some hidden disease so that future adverse events can be prevented.
  1. Hypertension management, heart failure management
    We committed to give our services to each and every patient.our aim is PREVENT-DETECT-CORRECT.
  1. 2D Echo, CTMT, Blood Pressure
    Package to rule out heart disease in hypertensive and diabetics patients.
    High-risk patients must consult their cardiologist for the heart checkup.
  1. ECG
    Electrocardiogram to see the electrical activity of the heart.to see the cause of chest pain to check heart attack.
  1. Heart care Consultation
  • High Blood pressure
  • ECG
  • TMT

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