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I am about to be 18 what vaccine should I get?

Vishal S

05th Jan 2022
09:09 PM

I am 17 years old, about to be 18 soon, If I go for the first dose of age range 15-18 and get myself vaccinated, and by the time I get the second dose I am above 18, what vaccine should I get. Moreover, if I take both vaccines of age group 15-18 and then if I am to get a booster dose and I am above 18 will I run into any unknown complexities. At last, if I have to travel internationally what vaccine can I get, only Covaxin is available for the 15-18 group and I am not sure if it is approved by major countries.

In brief, I want to know:-
1. I am about to be 18 soon what age group vaccine should I get?
2. If I get Covaxin can I travel internationally?
3. The Cowin Software will approve me for both vaccines, which one should I get?

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