About Us

Dr. Gaurav Singhal
DM Cardiology
SMS Hospital

Vision Statement

Second medical opinion encourages everyone to seek a second opinion regarding their medical condition. Our community of multidisciplinary doctors is committed to help patients understand their disease and treatment options. Our volunteer medical specialists ensure that patients and their families make informed medical decisions through their expert guidance. They help patients and their families by increasing understanding and alleviating uncertainties. We will be obliged to impact the lives of thousands of patients and their families by providing them with clarity ,compassion and choice. We strive to dispel the fears, uncertainty and dissatisfaction of the ailing patients. Give us a chance to help bring back smiles to your lives.


About Website

HealthDrop is a Doctor–Patient Platform ,here patient ask online consultation from doctor and health professionals at anytime.Patient can discuss with specialized doctors about their medical problems and get their valuable advice.A user can also ask about which city,hospital and doctor is best for any disease or treatment.patient also can personalize query by selecting private option that will allow to visible to specialized doctors. Patient also can set up medical history earlier to latest and all information will be keep secure.Patient can request to a doctor for appointment

HealthDrop provide health related awareness and precautions that is given by expert doctor. users can get and post information regarding Free/Low cost of Surgery and blood camp.