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Auditory Hallucinations - Psychosis/ Sleep Deprivation

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20th Mar 2021
11:36 AM


One of my close friend's mom is suffering from Auditory Hallucinations for the more than a week.
Most of her talks/hearings are somewhat related to past conflict. Monday they met Homeopathy/Ayurveda and they suggested for Ayurveda tablets/syrub (Saraswatharistam and Manasamithira Vadagam). She was taking Ayurveda tablets for 2 days. Since its getting worst and her health would not allow her to wait for few more days to see the response for Homeopathy/Ayurveda tablets, wednesday night they met Psychiatric in Chennai. Doctor suggested(Psychosis) for a tablet 'Olimelt 5mg' at night (8-8:30PM) for 20 days.If she is not getting sleep still, then they suggested to take 'Zolfresh 5mg' at around 11:30PM.

1st day (Wed night): Took Olimelt 5mg around 10PM, slept around 1AM and woke up around 8AM.
2nd day (Thurs night): Thursday day time slept for 30 mins. Took Olimelt around 8:45PM, did not get sleep till 10:10, started blaberring/crying after that. So gave Zolfresh 5mg, then slept from 12AM-8AM.
3rd dy (Friday night-Yesterday): Friday day time didn't sleep, took her outside. Took Olimelt around 8PM, had meditation for 45 mins, slept around 10:15PM. woke up by 12AM,and blaberring for an hour. so gave Zolfresh 5mg by 1AM, then slept from 2AM till 8:30AM.

Would like to request experts opinion on the below.

- Can she take both Psychiatric tablet and Ayurveda medicines together? would it help for faster recovery?
- Any other suggestion for faster recovery (like food habits, yoga, meditation, oil bath..etc)?
- In google, its mentioned that "Zolfresh 5mg" has a side effect of Hallucinations. Understand this tablet is for deep sleep, but have a fear about this side effect bec. our main problem is itself Hallucinations only
- we are trying our level best to divert her, but sometimes it works, most of the times don't. what to do for that
- Based on above day by day things, are we in a positive direction or we need to speed up the treatment by getting second opinion? How long her body/brain will take to respond for these tablets? When can we expect the slight positive change on this health issue?
- There are other suggetions like consulting Neurologist, Siddha (parallel treatment), Acupuncture. Do you recommend any of those at this point of time or wait for sometime to see the response for current medicines?
- Which treatment would be the best one for this kind of health issue?

Any prompt response would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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