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Bleeding with clots after 4 weeks miscarriage - MTP

Karan B

29th Jul 2021
01:48 PM

Hi Gynec Dr.

We have 6 years old healthy boy , and My Wife was 2 months pregnant till 30th Jun with 8 weeks pregnant , where Gestational Sac and Egg Sac was there but there was no Embryo Sac developed after too many Vaginal Sonographs were performed and finally Dr. Ma'am declared Blighted Ovum and asked us for Medically miscarriage. Which we had successful after taking one mifepristone on 30th Jun and 4 misoprostol with Gap of 2 hours post 48 hours which was on 2nd July, My Wife passed most clots and bleeding on 3rd Jul Ma'am Checked again via SonoGraph found No Sac or Tumor was left if was aborted successfully only one big clot she said and given 2 more misoprostoal. Also mentioned complete miscarriage in her prescriptions.

Following that my wife continue bleeding with clot next day and continued bleeding still 4 weeks passed by now, She asked ma'am once she complete 3 weeks and still bleeding was there , so ma'am suggested Norethisterone CR (20mg) to stop bleeding and continue normal period but after taking 4 regestrone my wife now started clots with very less bleeding. Post that Gynec ma'am asked to stop regestrone. and told that my wife could return to normal period..

Now we are worried my wife will complete 4 weeks on 30 Jul and why she is still having periods and clotting after 4 weeks or taking regestrone.

Was it incomplete miscarriage or She is returning periods and she bleed till her next periods...

Any help or suggestions would be helpful. As she has un bearable back pain since 28 Jul and today 29 jul, she only takes Paracetamol as Ma'am said No Ibuprofin or Pain killer, just Paracetamol for Pain.

Please do let us know.. We will go for normal check up this Saturday on 31st Jul to gynec again.


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