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Saurav Ghosh

11th Oct 2020
07:51 PM

Sir ,my name is Saurav Ghosh. I'm 21years old giving bsc final year exams. At the age of 15 ,I got 1st seizure attack in june 2014. I was in class 10 and i get seizure in sleep & i used to be unconscious at the time of seizure attack. Later i got few more seizures. Then i went to doctor & they told that i have epilepsy and prescribed me medicines for it. They told me to take Eptoin 300ER (300mg) & Encorate Chrono 200 for long period. I took my medicines regularly. After 2 years , I went to my doctor again because i was not having any more seizures attacks in Class 12. They took MRI , EEG test and looking my reports , they told me to stop taking medices. But as i stopped my medicines after 1 month , i again got seizure attack very badly. I was in B. Sc 3rd semester at that time. I phone called my doctor and told them that i got seizure attack again. They told me to start my medicines again . So now im again taking my medicines but im still having seizure attacks. But now every month, once i am having one seizure attack even after taking medicines regularly. The seizures come 1-2 hours after i sleep. The next day i used to have very deep headache. So, i want to know why am i having seizures though im taking my tablets ? How to stop my seizures attacks? Please help me out sir.

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