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Navneet Chandel

16th Oct 2020
03:25 PM

I have deficiency of vitamin d and b12.
For this am taking bio-d3 max (everyday 1) at sleeping time and calcigen d3 (once in a week).
Also am suffering from gastric (burning feeling in stomach, needle like pain in chest which comes and go in seconds, bloating, excessive burp, fart, uncomfortness in chest.
Pain in chest comes and go everyday for a second, this makes me realy tense about any heart attack or heart disease. Whole day am thinking about this only.
Yesterday after masturbation I felt my heart beat for sometime which was beating fast. After 5-10 min sleep again hurt beats at centre on my chest very fast that I can feel it. That occurs for 4-5 min. Am I having any heart disease? Or its anxiety? Or side effects of vitamins tablet?

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Dr. Jaideep Gaver

on 16 Oct 2020 at 09:55 PM

Hello sir, Needs proper history and clinical discussion, please consult directly on whats app no. Nine eight seven one three seven zero five one seven,its FREE

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