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Headache that has a very weird and periodic behavior.

Swapnil Rao

30th Jan 2021
11:15 AM

Hello , due to the COVID situation I've never felt like going to a doctor and thought of trying out the online medical help. Firstly I would like to thank the person reading this and providing the appropriate health suggestion.

I am a 17 year old male and I've been having headaches during certain months and they stretch for a long time. Last year , i had headache for 3-4 months from December to March. I thought it wasn't safe to go near a doctor and after its departure during march i didn't feel like.

However this time , from mid January the headaches came back and because its a crucial year for my academics I didn't want to take it lightly and thought of seeking help. the periodicity of the headache is : its a mild persisting headache which starts at around 9 am in the morning and keeps getting better and almost goes away by night. the description is : its almost on the top of the head and is less painful at the lower back of the head. it gets worse when i bend over and also when I tap the head with some force , it pains.

Please help me with this headache so that i can get away with it once in for all.

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