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I'm in depressed

Anirudhha Mukherjee

04th Jul 2021
02:43 PM

Hi, I'm Anirudhha, from Kolkata, age-21,

Suddenly three months ago I had a sore throat, I had trouble speaking, and after a few days I started to get very scared, but after taking medicine from the doctor, I recovered, But since then I started to feel like I was having problems in different parts of my body, I started searching Google, my fears kept growing,It was during this time that the obsessive beliefs of all the superstations that preceded my school and college exams came back sharply,At that time a friend of mine said that I have OCD, I also do a Google search for it, I thought there were some symptoms.I tried to suppress my obsessive thoughts, feeling mentally exhausted, later on when I saw that in all the situations that superstar would come, there was an uneasiness in my mind in all the situations,I start following my thoughts unknowingly, sadness grows in my mind, sometimes it is difficult to express emotions spontaneously. Depression is on the rise. Now a conflict works in everything, My another mind always seeking attention about my depression, And always something negative thoughts playing in my mind,A bad habits generated in my mind to think about doctor and my health, what should I do? I can't take it anymore.

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