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Missed periods for 2 months

Sathya Narayan

14th Nov 2020
09:27 AM

My girlfriend and I had protected sex (with a condom) 3 days after her periods. I want to stress on the fact that we didn't penetrate completely, as she was feeling immense pain. I probably stayed for 2 mins on the outer layers and probably a little inside her. And, I did not ejaculate when we were penetrating, at all. I actually ejaculated later when we're dry humping on her behind and collected all the semen inside the condom. I'm sorry for all the detailed information.
She has not got her periods ever since. But the thing is, she also has the medical condition known as PCOD for the 2 years now, and thus, her timings of periods are very erratic. The previous time she got her periods was two months prior to the last time. Now, it has been almost 2 and a half months and she still has no sign of periods. Also, she has been taking homeopathic and sidha medication for the past year. In one of the tonic that she takes, it is explicitly stated that "pregnant women are not to take this". So, we are pretty confident that we might not be pregnant and it maybe the hormonal imbalances as a result of PCOD.
But, she doesn't want to take a pregnancy test as she is very scared. I just want to make sure that we have been careful. So, I have provided all the facts above to the detail.
Is it just the PCOD or her being pregnant the cause for the delay in her periods? Thank you.

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