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Ms Sadhna Nigqm

Sadhna Nigam

09th Feb 2021
02:09 AM

Have dark brown reddish colored urine that smells bad since a month. Earlier (in June, 2019) I had MRCP for gall bladder stone, though no stone was found but the doctor inserted two plastic stents in pancreatic duct and CBD duct. He informed me to get the stents removed in 4 months but when we contacted him to remove those he informed us that we need to wait some more time to remove those and after few days lockdown has started. Somewhere read that MRCP carbon blown inside the body to take scan sometimes cause pancreatitis.
My question is ; since facing problems like dark brown reddish smelly urine, weight loss, pain in lower abdominal region, dryness inside the body and started loud snoring what tests should get done to find out the exact problem and what should be the treatment. Also if you can suggest any surgeon in Delhi NCR in Delhi university panel to tackle this case. Thanks

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