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My father is 61, he had his heart bypass surgery in dec 2013, his current ECG is showing some changes, are these changes life threatening? or due to this stressful lifestyle. Please suggest what should I do further

Nikita patel

20th Oct 2018
02:57 PM

My father is 61 year old, he had his heart bypass surgery in December 2013.
He has been eating his lunch out for the last there months, today when he got back home from his work his bag was very heavy around 2 kgs ( Its because of his job profile he carries 2 to 3 kgs sometimes in bag pack.
Today is was complaining that he feels like vommiting and his stomach is bloating.
There was no chest pain or any other symptoms besides this.
I got worried so I took him to hospital, they checked his bp which was130/80, sugar 102, temp 91.2.
They gave him acidity injection. They took one ECG.
And his ECG were showing some changes compared to the one done in August.
So he asked me to see a cardiologist once. Im very tense and scared what should I do.
Are these changes major ? He asked me to do a blood test called cardio 3, I don't know what these is.
Can these changes occur because he is lifting too much of weight or eating out too much or due to stress.
I am very worried as me and my mom are alone in this situation. Can you suggest me anything.
He has to much of cold and cough all the time, can that be the reason for these change.
He is taking the following medicines since December 2013 ( Met XL 25 , Deplatt A 75 , Storvas 20 )
Even once there were changes in his ECG in December 2017 , that time I took him to cardiologist and he changed his blood pressure tablet from Met XL25 to benlong 8, but my father was not comfortable with this tablet so again started taking Met XL 25.
Are these changes life threatening?
Im so sacred please Help me.
Below attach is the photograph of new ECG AND OLD ECG
Big Ecg is the new one taken on 19/10/2018 that is yesterday
And the small ecg which also had some changes taken long back in Dec 2017

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Dr. Gaurav Singhal

on 04 Nov 2018 at 10:57 AM

i studied your case .baseline ecg changes in known CAD patients has little significance however if symptoms are present then you should consult me directly.

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