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Anonymous User

19th Mar 2021
07:29 PM

Hello, I am a 23 year old girl. I have always had certain weird fears which I never understood. 1. I feel weird fear sensation in my stomach when I sit on a bike/car/auto/other vehicle only when the speed is fast. I don't feel anything if the speed is normal. So I am able to control this weird thing as it's embarrassing to tell anyone. I will control it for sometime but It will come again and so on. 2.I feel the same weird fear in my stomach when someone picks me up. In childhood days also I remember when someone used to pick me up and start walking I used to feel it but since I am strong in controlling my feelings since childhood so I used to control it and never let anyone know not even my family. 3. I feel the same weird feeling while I go in water like in pool or something. 4. I fear height, I cannot walk on a wall which is not even very high from the ground. I think this fear is normal as here I don't feel that weird fear in my stomach. 5. Also when I go for a haircut I feel some sensation from my head to shoulder and to back when I get touched at some specific places on my head or shoulder (I don't remember now but it's everytime when they cut the back hair) but I control this also without anyone knowing. To give some facts about me, I am very short heighted around 4 feet 6 inches due to very low growth hormone(got it tested earlier) but with normal body no damage in the body, no deformity it's all normal. I had weird upbringing, I am not allowed to go out anywhere alone even today my family picks and drops me at my office every single day (I know it's weird but I never complained to them). I never told any one about these before as I am introvert and don't share things even with the family. I am just curious to know the reason for above fears. Also my parents tell me that I did not cry when I was born and my mother had tuberculosis when she was pregnant with me. Also I have a strong personality and is confident. Except these things I don't fear anything in this world. Thank you in advance

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