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heart related issue

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03rd Jan 2022
07:28 PM

i have been facing left hand pain and slight chest pain with pinning effect left side i did an ecg which showed that i had normal sinus rhythm with sinus arrythmia probably due to early repolarization and borderline ecg for knowledge i was a bit tensed and anxious at that time that what my reports will be i showed it to 2 general physicians who said that reports were normal and arrythmia was shown because i was tensed and so much anxious my bpm after doing the ecg came about to be 110 i was really tensed also i suffered from dengue on 15 nov for information i also sit on the basis of my left hand so she said that you may have pulled any of your nerves i was having acidity pills with vitamn d3 and calcium capsules but now i dont have left hand pain but slight pinning in my left chest sometimes and also i am anxious all the time that whether i am fine or not so is this heart related or any other thing?
my ECG is mentioned below

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