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Chest Pain  

Persistent Chest Pain since 2 years

Vinay Emani

12th Apr 2020
07:30 AM

Hello Dr, I am suffering from Chest pain since last 2 years. I have this condition every day at least 5-6 times. It also makes me uncomfortable and restless. I have got myself admitted in Emergency a lot of Times. I got ECG, Echo and TMT Tests done a couple of times during the last 2 years and as recent as a month ago. All of them show negative about any Heart Condition. I have been to Cardiologists and they told me that the Tests don't show any signs of a Heart Condition. This has become a Nightmare for me and completely disrupting my daily activities. The exact area of pain is in the middle of the area between the Collar bone and the Nipple. I sometimes get a feeling that the pain is from a Nerve/Vein and can feel the pulse when I put my finger on the area where it pains. Sometimes the Pain radiates to the exact backside of it and sometimes a strange feeling in the Axillary area of my Arm.

Kindly help me to understand if this is related to Heart. As Heart problems can be Fatal and this concern is bothering me every moment. This condition has completely ruined my daily life activities.
Triglycerides: 530
Cholesterol: 219
Hba1c: 6.0

Will be eagerly awaiting your reply.

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Dr. Gaurav Singhal

on 12 Apr 2020 at 08:29 AM

since you are suffering this condition for 2 years.
i am here to guide people in this covid pandemic
since you already consulted many doctors so i would not say any thing.
you can meet me after this covid at my clinic.
dr gaurav singhal jaipur

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