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SidhiVinayak hospital reports

Rishipal Yadav

21st Nov 2015
10:46 PM

Hi, Posting on behalf on my father. He recently got a Minor heart attack on 16/11/2015. Doctor Manoj Godara from bhilwara sidhivinayk hospital has suggested him by pass surgery.

Story:My father wake up on 16\11\2015 and felt dizziness from morning 4 o'clock, then at 7 we took him to nearest govt hospital where doctor checked his pulse rate and it was very low 30\min.So he refereed him to bhilwara sidhivinayk hospital and done angiography test. attached are the reports. Doctor said it was Minor heart attack and advised early CABG.

My queries:

1. After discharge some time he filles dizziness while turning around when slipping or going for toilet.

Can we travel him in flight in case he feel small dizziness? or something else needs to be checked like pulse before travel.

2. Is it expected to fill dizziness for some days after getting minor heart attack for some days?

3.As he is retired govt employee of rajasthan. Will we get reimbursement if private treatment is taken if you are aware?

Thanks - much Appreciated for your advice.

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Dr. Gaurav Singhal

on 21 Nov 2015 at 11:24 PM

Hi Rishi...I have seen your father reports...he is hypertensive non diabetic..I don't think that low heart rate is due to blockage of LM+ LAD artery.probably it is non ischemic etiology. However it may be due to advice is strict adherence to precautions and medicine which he(Dr ) prescribed. Strict bed rest after lunch and dinner.. No oily and fried food..don't eat much..divide your meal in small part and take it in 2-3 hr duration... Keep watch on pulse rate...and think about CABG (by pass surgery) is necessary but not now...many of the times these type of patients became stable if they adherent to medicine..

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