Every person needs to have a correct weight which corresponds to their height. This parameter of deciding an ideal body weight based on the height of a human being is called a Body Mass Index or BMI (in short).

Based on this measurement of Body Mass Index a person can be categorized as underweight, normal (weight), overweight and obese. BMI is measured in Kg/m2 units, where body weight is in Kg and height is in meters. If BMI is below 18.5 kg/m2, then the person is considered to be underweight. If BMI is between 18.5-25, then it is normal; if it between 25-30, then it is overweight and if it exceeds 30, then it is considered as Obese.

In most people, when they are overweight they have a fuller appearance and have fat under their skin. This causes health issues in people with diabetes, blood pressure and heart problems which can cause serious damage to the body and its organs if not treated on time.

Therefore, it is important to maintain a normal Body mass index. Getting rid of extra weight is not that hard. All you need to do is to be a bit more determined and change your lifestyle.

Lifestyle alterations refer to the changing the pattern of eating, inclusion of exercise or any physical activity which will give the body a good work out and avoid substances which may cause detriment to the body.

  • Eating is very important to sustain energy in the body to do physical work and hence, it is important to eat food which is highly nutritious to the body. The body generally converts the food to fat and then fat is transformed to energy which is used for doing work. When the food consumed is more it results in the fat being stored under the skin which increases the body weight hence, always eat right to sustain a good and healthy weight.

  • Exercise is important to keep the body hale and healthy as it converts the fat to energy and flushes all toxins out from the body. Even the small exercises can make big changes in the body and give the much-needed boost to self-esteem.

  • Avoid harmful substances like alcohol, drugs and other harmful substances which may react negatively to the body.

These changes in lifestyle do not show results overnight and therefore it is advised not to lose patience while implementing these changes. Give yourself and your body some time to repair itself and transform itself into a healthier version. You need to stay positive and believe in yourself.

As we all know a healthy and positive mind is really important to achieve great goals in life. Just remember one mantra, that you do not have to eat less, but eat healthily and burn out more. If you eat a heavy meal, then be ready work out hard the other day to burn all the calories you gained.

Hope this information helps you and inspires you to go from fat to fit.

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