Are you a newly married couple?

If yes, then you should know all about the family planning and its importance. Some couple thinks that they should put off starting a family or have kids until they are established or mature. Nowadays couple is extremely busy in balancing their personal and professional life.

Both husband and wife find it difficult to manage married life along with their professional life and they don’t get ready to be parents at this stage of their life.

Being married is probably an under-rated sincere feeling in the world. You are young and bubbling with enthusiasm for this uncertain journey which is usually depicted to be laced with happiness and fun.

But what do you do when one of you starts considering starting a family? Is it when your peers start a question, “So when are you planning to have a baby?”

The newly married couple think that they can start a family later in life. Here in this guide, we have mentioned important factors that newly married couple should know about family planning, have a look below:

Do you give them the silent treatment or do you give in even if you aren’t ready for it? Let’s find out!

I am too young!

If you have been considering becoming a parent, this is more of an excuse rather than a valid reason. If you were adult enough to get married, you sure could be adult enough to have kids too – is the most common misconception.

As newly-weds, peering excitement in life is only natural. You need to be mature in physical, emotional and psychological aspects if you want to bring a new life into this mortal world. Weigh your options out. Wait until you are absolutely sure.

How do I know when I am ready?

You would just know. It is one of the feelings that just feel right. If you feel secure in a place which guarantees that financial stability for you and your spouse, it is probably unfair if you wait longer.

How to plan my family?

Plan your family accordingly. Have a healthy discussion regarding the number of kids you want. In case you choose more than one, what should be the interval between the consecutive births? Should you opt for contraceptives post childbirth or do you choose permanent sterilization? It is essential you answer all these questions before you start.

Proper planning is beneficial for the health of both the mother and the child. The mother needs to recover from the previous one and prepare her body for the next one according to the plan.

It not only reduces complications and risks but also is healthier for the mother.

Aspects of planning also give you an overview of how you wish to provide for your family.

If the current financial situations are adequate for three of you, how would the finances need to be adjusted in case you plan for another?

Figure out your space and find that comfort zone. Take your time to know each other well.
Thought out and well versed comfortable conversations can help you find out if both of you are on the same page which is paramount when you are considering family planning.




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